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Money Back Roof Repairs



"I personally recommend Colorado Roof Assist for any household project.  They gave me a timely and honest estimate on all the work from the recent hail storm damage to our house, and I was personally impressed that Colorado Roof Assist was able to stay within the estimate.  Many times estimates are just that but Colorado Roof Assist made sure to stay true to their word on the estimate.

All of the work that Colorado Roof Assist did was done with care and great quality.  If you ever have any household needs with roofing, fencing or attic insulation please contact Colorado Roof Assist.  They are trustworthy and dependable and I would gladly have them work on any future projects to our home."

Phillip W.
Lakewood, Colorado

Colorado Roof Assist Can Reimburse You For Previous Roof Repairs!

You may find that roofing companies will not do repairs at all, they just want to replace the whole roof. Naturally, we love to replace roofs, too; that's how we feed our families. But the fact is that not all roofs need to be completely replaced.

However, many homeowners will put off repairing their roof not wanting to throw money away on a roof that they feel will need to be totally replaced in the near future. The problem is that they risk additional damage to their home that may not be covered by their insurance company.

Let Colorado Roof Assist repair your roof, and if you have us also replace your entire roof within 3 years from the date of the repair, your entire repair cost, up to $500, will be credited towards the purchase of your new roof. Money Back for you!  (Cannot be combined with any other offer) When repairs exceed  $500, they are usually getting to the point where your insurance company will pay for a whole new roof.

Have An Emergency?
Colorado Roof Assist Can Help!

Repairs are also provided in extreme weather events that damage a roof so badly that a temporary repair must be done in order to protect against damage until you can have your insurance adjuster come by to look at it. With your permission, we will provide the emergency repair, and bill the cost to your insurance company.
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