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Roof Replacement


 "I am writing to let you know that we were very pleased with our new roof.  It looks great!  The crew did a great job!  Scott Phillips provided excellent customer service, and went above and beyond to make our experience smooth and efficient."

Jenny H.
Thornton, CO

"I just want to say thank you for the great job that you have done. I really like my new roof. Your services and promises were like what you said. I strongly recommend your company to my friends and family."


Christine P.
Lakewood, CO

"We live in Sapphire Pointe and used Colorado Roof Assist to get a new roof for our house.  They did an exceptional job on our home.  They were very professional and courteous to our family.  They were hard workers and accomplished the job in the time they had established at the beginning of the job.  They used high quality materials and the job is guaranteed with a warranty.  When the job was complete the work are was spotless and the house looked like new.  We are thrilled with their work.  We highly recommend using Colorado Roof Assist to anyone who is looking for a professional, no-nonsense, high-quality roofing company."

The Booth Family
Castle Rock, CO

What Makes Us Different? WE DON'T CUT CORNERS

At Colorado Roof Assist, we pride ourselves on putting on the highest quality roofs in Colorado. So how do we do it? We pay attention to detail on every job, treating it as we were doing it for our own friends or family since that's exactly how we started in this business.

Large storm chasing companies flock to Colorado every summer to cash in on the hail storms that come our way. These companies are capable of installing 50-100 roofs every week during the storm season, and if they can save a few dollars on every job, it adds up to huge profits for these mega companies.

At Colorado Roof Assist, we can only install 5-10 roofs a week during the storm season and saving a few dollars to sacrifice quality simply does not seem like a good business decision to us. We'll do fewer, higher quality roofs, make an honest living, and be able to look you in the eye when we see you at the Broncos game.

So here are some of the little things we do that makes a big difference on the quality of your new roof.

Drip Edge
Drip edge is a metal flashing that is required by code in most areas that gets installed under the shingles at the edge of the roof, and then extends down into the gutter, insuring that water properly drains into the gutters without weeping back up underneath the shingles causing damage. We install this on ALL jobs even if the local code does not require it. In addition, we use pre-painted drip edge as opposed to a raw galvanized metal. Painted costs more, but has a much nicer appearance and will last longer.

Starter Strips
A Starter Strip is a specialty shingle that is applied at the edge of the roof to give the first row of shingles something to seal to. Most all companies use these at the bottom edge of the roof, however, high winds can lift shingles off from the edge of the roof if not sealed well, so we use a starter shingle on the entire perimeter of your roof to maximize the performance of your new roof in high winds.

Valley Treatments
Valleys of roofs need special treatments to protect against leaking. Code most often requires only a heavier felt paper to accomplish this. At Colorado Roof Assist we use a waterproof membrane that adheres to the surface of the decking creating a completely waterproof valley.

Roofing Nails vs. Staples
Most people wouldn't think to stop and ask if a roofer was going to use nails to apply shingles to the roof, but you should. Staples are cheaper, but the problem is that they pull out much easier in winds. Not only do we use roofing nails on ALL of our roofing projects, but we use a high wind nail application pattern to maximize the performance in high winds.

Roofing Accessories
In almost all circumstances, roofing vents and pipe jacks get replaced when putting on a new roof. These items are left unpainted by many roofing companies , but we paint ALL roofing accessories to blend with the color of your new roof and give the best possible appearance.

Furnace Caps
Insurance companies pay approximately $68 to replace each furnace cap that you have on your roof. It's easy money for a roofing company, however, if the exhaust stack is loosened in the process it can create a carbon monoxide leak in your home that is deadly. At Colorado Roof Assist, WE DO NOT REPLACE FURNACE CAPS. Most of the time there are only cosmetic dents from hail that do not affect the function. However, if you want them replaced, your insurance company will allow enough for a licensed HVAC company to properly replace them, and we can coordinate that for you.

Property Protection and Job Site Cleanliness
Taking precautions to protect your property is vital to providing our customers with a smooth, worry free, project. 



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